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Cor Silver Soap: All In One Miracle Bar?

I tend associate soap with school, as in having one’s face scrubbed with soap and water by the headmistress to cleanse it of ‘that DISGUSTING makeup’, so although I am fully aware that all manner of wonderful soaps now abound, I generally eschew them with a shudder. I must admit that my interest was piqued on reading the glowing reviews of new luxury skincare brand, Cor‘s Silver Soap, though, and when they sent me one to try I resolved to put aside my unfair prejudices and give it a thorough test.

Cor’s Silver Soap, Travel Size (30g): £35

“Cor’s Silver Soap is a multi-tasker – a single step process that deep cleanses, removes make-up, helps clear skin, reduces pore size, exfoliates, nourishes and anti ages all in just one-step thanks to the antibacterial healing properties of silver, with a myriad of other patented ingredients that maintain the skin’s natural moisture, visibly reduce the signs of ageing, and protect against the hazardous effects of the sun. It is suitable for sensitive skin and can help reduce acne, scarring and calm eczema prone skin.”


Blimey. Certainly offers a bit more than your average soap, eh?

The first thing to note was its handy size – they sent me a travel one to try – as I find most soaps really cumbersome and prone to slipping about all over the place like a badly performed Benny Hill sketch or something, so this was far easier to use. Also, the lather is remarkably different to that of most normal soaps, being luxuriantly thick and with the consistency of a cleansing cream. The instructions direct you to leave the foam on your face like a face mask for a few minutes on using for the first few times, which I was worried would feel really right and drying, but although you could feel it tightening a bit like any face mask, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.


As you can see from this ultra glamorous shot I took of myself in the bathroom, the lather really was thick, and with only using a tiny amount, too. I’ve been using the soap for about two weeks now, and genuinely can’t really see it having reduced much on size at all, so I think even the travel size would last for absolutely ages, making what seems like an expensive ‘soap’ actually quite an economical cleanser and face mask all in one. You can get an even smaller ‘Trial’ size soap for £15 if you’re nervous of lashing out at first.

I have used some other products with silver as an ingredient before, and have always found them very beneficial if your skin is feeling very sensitive or unhappy, as it really seems to calm it and soothe any irritation. The same was true with COR’s Silver Soap, although they do warn that your skin may take a while to adjust to their formula, despite it being very gentle and being as close to the natural PH levels of skin as you can get, meaning it doesn’t over strip or stress the skin. It definitely took a few days to get used to the cleansing sensation, but my skin did feel incredibly clean from the very first use.


I tried taking my eye makeup off with this and although it didn’t sting my eyes really, it just wasn’t enough to get through my waterproof mascara and bullet proof eyeliner, so I chose to take these off separately, first. This was the only drawback for me, because I’m used to ‘smear it all on, take it all off in one go’ type cream cleansers, usually. It only takes a few extra seconds though, so it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

I shall definitely continue using this soap, though I think my preferred way of slipping it into my routine will be to use it in the morning and my normal cleanser in the evening. I’ll also use it as a mask, occasionally, because it really seems to help any problem areas without being horribly gloppy then drying like a death mask and therefore a nightmare to remove, like most face masks I’ve used!

I definitely recommend you give COR’s Silver Soap a try, it may just convert you, too, and has banished forever my secret fear of soaps leaving me excited to try the rest of their products, which include a moisturiser, a serum and eye cream; because high performance skincare that feels so natural and gentle while delivering what it promises is really quite rare!

Cor skincare launched recently in Harrods, but you can also buy direct from their website.

Huge thanks to photographer Richard Kilpatrick of RTK Media for the stunning shots he took for this review. Who knew soap could look so beautiful?


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