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Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils: Bliss Bottled

On November the tenth I experienced a revelation. No, it wasn’t a message from God, n’or was it a sudden understanding of my now incredibly advanced age and the meaning of my life (ha! As if). It involves oil… but please don’t be horrified or phone the police, it’s quite seemly – it was the day of my introduction to Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower oils, thanks to Melanie’s lovely birthday present to me.

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath/Shower Oil Collection.

This set contains mini sizes of the whole range, each suiting different times of the day or how you happen to be feeling.

“Immerse yourself in the power of aromatherapy with this luscious multi award-winning collection of nine bath and shower oils. The perfect way to indulge in the blissful Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower experience, this luxurious set will relax, de-stress, support and invigorate your senses, whatever the occasion.”

My set contained 3ml versions of:

Deep Relax
Relax Light
De-Stress Mind
De-Stress Muscle
Revive Morning
Revive Evening
Support Breathe
Support Lavender & Peppermint
Support Equilibrium

The instructions are to rub your chosen oil over your body before showering or to pour in the running water of a bath. I hadn’t read this properly when I first used it, such was my excitement at trying it, and stood under the shower and then slathered it over. They’re supposed to be one bottle per use, but I only used half this way, and it was more than enough, so works out far more economically.

The Deep Relax was my first choice, as I’ve heard such great things about it and as I’ve had more than a little stress and sleepless nights for some time (over a year of maybe having 2-5 hours sleep, tops) I SERIOUSLY needed unwinding!

Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Full Size: £39

“Experience the seriously relaxing and restful powers of vetivert, camomile and sandalwood for a tranquil night.

Key Benefits:
Stimulates an exhausted immune system.”

I was so impressed that I immediately decided I am going to treat myself to a full size bottle as soon as I can. It’s that good. I NEED this in my life.

After the best night’s uninterrupted sleep I’d had for simply ages, I was eager to try more, so chose the Revive Morning next.

“Experience the incredibly refreshing and invigorating powers of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper for a fantastic and reviving start to the day.

Key Benefits:
Invigorates and wakes up mind & body.”


Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil. Full Size: £39

It left me feeling remarkable more peppy than I usually do at that time. Safe to say, I am NOT a ‘morning person’ and will answer in growls until at least three cups of tea into the day, but at least with this I felt somewhat alive and ready to tackle the world head on.

These have to be my top two so far, though they are all completely brilliant. I cannot overemphasise how good they are, really, or remind you that these aren’t like many high street brands that slap the word ‘aromatherapy’ on a product that may be slightly scented with an oil or two (and more likely perfumed with as many chemical or cheap versions of the oils rather than the real thing).

The texture of the oils is fantastic, incredibly silky, blended so as not to be too ‘oily’ (if that doesn’t sound ridiculous?) and your skin is left feeling blissfully smooth to the touch for the whole day. Half the 3ml bottle easily and generously spread over my body and I shaved my legs with that, too.

The fragrance does last, so I might be careful about using some if them if you wanted to wear a heady perfume straight afterwards. I imagine they are lovely to use in a bath, too, but I have to say I loved the experience of using them in the shower – the whole cubicle filled with the scented steam of whichever I was using, so it really felt like an aromatherapy sauna.

These bath & shower oils are, hands-down, the very best I have ever tried. Not the cheapest, perhaps, but what price a good night’s sleep or soothed muscles? I’m not claiming they’re a miracle cure, but my god they are bloody good. I’m going to continue working my way through the minis and then plan which other full-size ones to get, as well as seriously investigating the rest of their products to see if they live up to these standards. Top marks, Aromatherapy Associates!

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